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Not Sure What to Post on Social Media? Here's 9 Ideas.

Whether you just got started with a new social media presence to promote your business or simply running into "writer's block" trying to build out your content calendar, here's some ideas of types of posts to consider adding to your rotation.

  • OTW (of the week): Pick something that you know you can consistently promote each week, whether it’s a featured product, tips, humor, community, etc.

  • Educational: Create posts that are relevant to your customers, including metrics, articles or even tips. Do you have tips related to buying, using, cleaning, or enjoying the products to share?

  • Promotional: Take the (occasional) opportunity to focus on selling yourself as a business. What makes your ecommerce business special or unique? What’s the experience your customers have with you? What are the benefits of your products? What are customers saying about you (great place to post testimonials)?

  • Polls: These interactive posts can be a great way to drive engagement. These are usually fun posts that spark interest, conversation, or even healthy competition to see which option is most popular.

  • Featured Product: Showing any products you are currently selling. Showcase a specific product, what makes it unique, why a customer would want it, the value or benefit it brings to a customer, why buy this from your business vs. competitors, etc.

  • About Me: Showing the behind the scenes of who you are as a person and what you do every day to drive personal connection with your audience: a day in the life, tools of the trade, daily essentials, fun facts about me, a few of my favorite things, business story, business challenges you overcame, your family, your community involvement, your beliefs/values, what you do for fun, etc. What are some interesting facts about your business, products, product types, product history, etc? Who are YOU, the face behind your business? Show behind the scenes work preparing for an order or getting the product made.

  • Community: Showing your involvement and support of the community, including suppliers and other businesses and organizations you love working with: organizations you are involved with, local events you attend, volunteer work, sponsorships or donations you contributed to, church involvement, local businesses you love supporting, what you love about your community, etc.

  • Entertainment & Humor: Breaking up the seriousness with some fun posts designed only to entertain (but related to your work/products/industry/customer): memes, funny videos, "weird things I saw on the job today", bloopers, etc. You can create your own, or simply share one from another online source.

  • Events: Promoting any events (online or in person) that you will be attending or hosting to the public: online webinars or sessions, Zoom coffees with women entrepreneurs, meet and greets, social media giveaways or contests, Facebook live announcements, etc. If any of these events are things that people can RSVP to, make sure to add it as an actual "Event" (if applicable, such as on Facebook) and share the event to your social media page. 

These post ideas are meant to inspire you or spark new ideas for posting unique, relevant and valuable content to your followers. Don't just "post to post." Make your efforts count!

In your post content/descriptions, it’s your opportunity to get really creative to tell people about you, about your business, and provide helpful/valuable information to your audience. Keep a running list of post ideas that you can refer to whenever you need inspiration or info to post about.

Don't have time to think about content ideas on a regular basis? Contact The Digital Perch for social media services.

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