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Ecommerce Social Media 
Marketing Services

Curate relevant ecommerce social media posts to keep your audience engaged and connected online.

Organic Posts

Organic social media posts are designed to give your audience a visual summary of what you do, who you are, and the value or benefit you can bring to them. Posts are not designed to bring sales — they're more like snapshots of your business and website. Even though organic post engagement is continuously decreasing, posts are still important for creating personal connections with your audience!

Social Media Ad Campaigns

Social media ads or campaigns are different than boosted posts. Campaigns allow you to have more customized targeting / audience options, more insights to measure performance, and other benefits for more effective reach. The best social media feature to drive sales.

Social Media Graphics

There's a time and place to add social media graphics in lieu of image or video posts. If there's a specific message you want to stand out, grab attention and drive a call-to-action (i.e. a giveaway), we can design the perfect graphic that speaks to your audience.

Giveaway Campaigns

Sometimes, the best way to get new followers is to offer a giveaway. Even better is if you can pair it up with an influencer campaign, or offer something really significant. But even if it's something small, we can help you from start to finish with promoting a giveaway that will help increase brand exposure and followers.

User Generated Content

Brands often forget about the importance of utilizing UGC (user generated content) in their own content strategy. By using UGC, you are doing "social proof" by showcasing what others have to say about your brand/services/products. These posts can be more influential to your audience to become a customer, but also builds a stronger connection with those who posted the original content.

Competitor Analysis

It's crucial to understand what your competitors are doing on social media in order to build a smarter social media strategy that beats out the competition. It's never a copy-cat game — it's finding out what they're doing in order to determine how you can do it better.

Social Media Consulting

Interested more in getting guidance on what to do than getting someone to do the services for you? We can help with that. We offer social media consulting services that fully equip you to be successful on social media using your own efforts.

Social Media Branding

For ecommerce brands, your online branding is crucial to establishing trust, credibility, and even legitimacy before someone chooses to become a customer. We can help your social media branding and profiles to look their very best to turn prospects into new followers or customers.

Boosted Posts

Boosted social media posts are great for getting your existing content seen to your followers, people similar to them, or a specific audience — even on a low budget. Since organic posts only reach less than 10% of your followers (and even lower to non-followers), it's a good idea to have a boosted-post budget to allocate towards getting your top posts seen.

Social Media Videos / Reels

Social media videos, like reels, are a great way to reach a new audience and gain exposure. We'll consult you on how to take great video content, and we will edit it, add text overlay and music to make it a video worth watching.

Influencer Campaigns

From influencer research to communications and content collaboration, we can help you from start to finish with influencer campaigns to expand your brand's reach, awareness, and even sales through the right person! 

Social Listening

Social listening is an important, but commonly overlooked, strategy for social media marketing. It helps to discover trends and what is being said about your brand, products or industry — which will help shift content strategy when something important arises to address.

Community Management

Being active on social media is more than just posting to your profile. Being actively involved in relevant groups (where businesses can post/engage) will help build connections, establish trust and expand awareness for your brand.

Profile Optimization

Your profile is sometimes the first thing that a new audience sees when coming across your content. Make sure your profile is professional, detailed, attractive and credible to what you offer that will help establish trust and new followers.

Social Media Templates

Instead of hiring monthly services, we can help provide you with social media templates that will allow you to create your own content on a consistent basis. No more thinking of what to post from scratch — we will provide you with great post templates to get you started on the right foot.

Social Media Live Streaming

Sometimes, selling products on social media requires a more creative approach — live streaming video. It's still an often unused feature on social media because many brands are afraid of it because they aren't well equipped. We will guide you along the way to be successful with selling and promoting your bran via live streaming.

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Why You Need Ecommerce Social Media Marketing

Ecommerce social media posts are more than just adding some text and images to Facebook or Instagram.  It's your opportunity to show prospective customers what you offer and what makes YOU different than the rest. 


Seriously. There are over 2.5 Million ecommerce businesses in the United States alone (and 26.5 million across the globe, if you sell internationally). With that in mind, you're "just another online shop" until you choose to do something to stand out.

With our ecommerce media marketing services as a social agency, we have custom solutions that fit YOUR needs. We also have some "packages" to make it easy to choose a direction, but ultimately it's our goal to give you the best social media services that actually work... actually make a difference for your brand... and actually bring results. 

Sure, you can pay 100 bucks for some cookie cutter templates or services that are built to give you a lazy method of posting to social media regularly — and if that's your goal, you do you.


But that's not our focus. 

We want to be your marketing partner, not just some service you pay money to every month without feeling any true progress for your business goals. We take it seriously and not really interested in doing business with someone who isn't willing to consider our advice, try new things, or be open to the journey of the process — because all great things take time. 

Whatever you need from a social media agency, we got you. Schedule a chat with us today.

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