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Why Ecommerce Brands MUST Be On Social Media in 2024

Updated: Feb 14

We ALL know the pain...

You spend each month curating great social media content, reels, TikToks, blogs and more for your business.

And what do you get? ZERO ENGAGEMENT. 😫

It's a sucky reality to many social media platforms nowadays (especially and mainly Facebook). And it's continuing to get worse.

So is social media even worth your time?

Social Media or Bust

Did you know less than 10% of your FOLLOWERS will even see your posts organically? How stupid is that? Social media platforms (especially Facebook) wants you to "pay to play" — and it's not a game most small businesses have the funds to keep pouring in to just get more engagement.

It's no wonder you have the option to boost posts to your followers, because most of them aren't even seeing the content you post.

The good news is that you can stop sweating or worrying over your social media posts not getting hardly any engagement (especially on Facebook) or your pages growing followers like hot cakes. It doesn't mean you're doing a bad job. It's happening to just about every business page out there.

The bad news is, it's a long-term game.

You gotta be patient. You gotta have realistic expectations — especially when it comes to getting organic engagement, organic followers and organic traffic to your website. You gotta stay calm and carry on. Just because you build it, doesn't mean they will come.


Because brands who stay consistent on social will eventually see a return — even if its just follower growth and post engagement.

Social media marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. But no matter how slow you run, you're still lapping everyone on the couch. Brands who give up or get lazy with their social media efforts will see a negative impact on their business.

What is Social Media? (& What it's Not)

Social media is NOT designed to bring you sales.

Can it? Sure! But that is not the focus of why you should be active on social media. Only through smart, targeted social media ad campaigns will you more likely to see conversions (or quicker ROI) on your efforts.

However, that doesn't mean you can't try to use social media as a tool for sales. Just like your Google Business Profile, online directories, and other organic "online profiles" that showcase your business offerings.... all should be used to direct people to your website to learn more about you and become a customer. So make sure your entire online presence is updated and optimized to drive prospects into qualified leads!

Social media is NOT a standalone marketing effort.

We mentioned keeping the whole ecosystem of your online presence updated and optimized to drive traffic to your website, but many businesses tend to use social media as their primary source for marketing.

However, social media is meant to complement your ongoing, overall marketing efforts to:

  • show credibility

  • boost brand recognition

  • drive community engagement

  • build trust

  • showcase your products/services in unique ways

  • engage with customers

  • connect with your audience

Every brand who cares about their online presence and digital marketing efforts should use social media as a tool to enhance their efforts and work towards their marketing goal.

The Impact of Social Media

Being active on social media is important for ALL businesses…. but that doesn’t mean you need to be on ALL social media channels.

Regardless of which social media platform you use, it’s a free (and easy) way to reach your customers.

How customers use social media:

  • Customer service platform to ask questions, inquire about services/products, etc.

  • Search tool to find businesses, services and products of interest

  • Stay connected and in the loop with brands they know, like and trust

  • Get the latest information and updates from brands they use

  • And much more.

You can’t afford to miss out on having an active presence that connects and engages with both current and potential customers in these ways they expect from brands.

Ecommerce Social Media Marketing

Ecommerce social media posts are more than just adding some text and images to Facebook or Instagram. It's your opportunity to show prospective customers what you offer and what makes YOU different than the rest.

Seriously. There are over 2.5 million ecommerce businesses in the United States alone (and 26.5 million across the globe, if you sell internationally). With that in mind, you're "just another online shop" until you choose to do something to stand out.

With our ecommerce media marketing services as a social agency, we have custom solutions that fit YOUR needs. We also have some "packages" to make it easy to choose a direction, but ultimately it's our goal to give you the best social media services that actually work... actually make a difference for your brand... and actually bring results.

Sure, you can pay 100 bucks for some cookie cutter templates or services that are built to give you a lazy method of posting to social media regularly — and if that's your goal, you do you.

But that's not our focus.

We want to be your marketing partner, not just some service you pay money to every month without feeling any true progress for your business goals. We take it seriously and not really interested in doing business with someone who isn't willing to consider our advice, try new things, or be open to the journey of the process — because all great things take time.

Whatever you need from a social media agency, we got you. Schedule a chat with us today.

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