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Ecommerce Marketing Services: Pricing Explained

So, you're an ecommerce brand looking for marketing services.

You do a Google search.

You browse lots of websites.

But most digital marketing agencies don't list out their prices.

UGH. Why?

Here at The Digital Perch, we are transparent about just about everything.

No, we won't share our social security numbers or bank accounts. But we have nothing to hide and want you to be part of the whole process, from start to finish.

We have a 6 month minimum and $1,000 per month minimum management fee stated across our website. Why?

  • Our minimums ensure we only take on new clients who are serious about their marketing and willing to test new strategies to grow.

  • There are countless hours that go into the onboarding phase of taking on a new client — if we didn't have minimum contracts and they decided to cancel services a couple months in, we would be out of business with the amount of time spent preparing solid strategy, analyses, reports, audits, optimizing and setting things up alone.

  • We bring almost 15 years of successful digital marketing expertise to your business, and it shows in every aspect of what we do. We aren't a bunch of entry-level interns right out of college trying to get experience under their belt, or have employees from out of the country who get paid less than minimum wage. We are right here, in America (DFW, Texas to be exact), with Bachelor's Degrees, families to provide for, and years of experience under our belt.

Okay, rant over. Back to pricing.

Although we could, it doesn't make sense for us to add pricing to the website for ecommerce marketing services because each brand has:

  • Unique strategy

  • Unique goals

  • Unique needs

  • Unique budgets (for advertising costs and management fees)

  • Unique audiences

  • Unique products and price points

  • Unique marketplaces and platforms

Even if we put multiple packages with pricing for EACH service on our website, we would likely turn away most ecommerce businesses who come to our website because they'll think those packages are the only things we offer and don't fit what they need.

That's why we opted to keep it open ended — because your unique business should have customized strategies and services to meet your goals.

However, we do offer a quick quote form. This allows ecommerce brands to fill out some questions that will help us send you a few different package options based on your budget, and we always include an option for a package that includes everything you want even if it's not in your specified budget so you can price shop and get an idea of what it would cost to give you everything you're looking for.

Not sure what you need from a marketing agency? Not sure what your marketing budget is?

No problem.

Fill out the form as much as you can and we will either schedule a call with you to learn more before sending a quote, or we can send you package options that we think might be most effective for your business.

Ultimately, the thing you need to know is — you get what you pay for.

We are well aware you can find cheaper social media services and management fees out there. Heck, we'll even refer you to a cheap marketing business if that's what you care most about. But we can almost guarantee those services will not come with over 10+ years of experience in proven digital marketing efforts, be customized to what you actually need (vs just doing generic social media marketing services as if it were a template), or help you meet your goals.

We're also going to be super transparent with you, from start to finish, with every service. We're not afraid to let you know if something is a waste of time or money, tell you what to expect with each service (instead of giving unrealistic promises), or say what we need from you in order to do our job effectively.

We aim to be your partner, not just a service provider. We aim to treat your business as if it were our own, including how money is spent. We aim to bring value to every service we offer.

If you have more questions about our ecommerce marketing services, contact us today.

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