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Pricing Explained: The Digital Perch

As a real estate marketing agency, it's not common (for any industry) to see pricing listed on the website.

I get it — over 10 years in the marketing industry and working for agencies, I understand why many don't add their pricing to the website.

  1. It can turn off potential clients.

  2. It can give competitors an edge when that "secret" has been revealed to tweak their own pricing.

  3. Many projects are so custom and unique to each client that it doesn't make sense to add pricing.

But here's why I add pricing on The Digital Perch website.

  1. I don't want to waste anyone's time — if you can afford me, you can call me.

  2. I only want to work with those who understand the value of my professional digital marketing services and see it as an investment to their business success.

  3. If competitors want to beat my pricing, go for it. I know what my worth is and won't settle for those who think otherwise.

  4. I live by being TRANSPARENT as a business partner. And pricing is included. No B.S.

Now that you understand the "why" behind adding pricing to the website, here's a little more explanation behind the COST of my real estate marketing services.

First off, my rate $75 per hour.

With over 10 years in the digital marketing world, I have been able to truly determine my worth at this moment in my career and am in tune with what agencies (of all sizes) typically charge for similar services. I know what makes me stand apart, my work ethic, my expertise and my efforts to stay on top of every inch of digital marketing best practices...

...and all those things impact my pricing.

Secondly, even though my prices are competitive to other agencies, there will always (ALWAYS) be someone who can do it cheaper.

Cool beans. Go find them, if price is what matters most to you.

As mentioned before, I am only interested in working with real estate agents who understand the value and investment in getting the best, customized professional marketing services. Sure, I could charge way less to give you some cheaply put-together crap that is going to do absolutely nothing for you online.

The better way of saying that is:

If you only care about BEING online, then go with a cheap service. If you care about being EFFECTIVE online, then go with a professional real estate marketing company who will give you a customized marketing plan that gives you real results.

Okay, now into explaining the actual pricing of The Digital Perch services.


Real Estate Social Media Posts & Social Media Marketing Services

View pricing here.

The first couple services are offered based on the need of realtors. No, I don't want to offer templates and never promote that as a service. But it's important to offer items based on the needs of your clients — and for some reason, the majority of "real estate social media services" out there are basically cheap, subscription-based social media templates. I have a whole other blog covering the issues with that.

The pricing on my social media packages are based on average hours spent per month for the listed services. Pricing on one-time projects are based on a combination of factors, including hours spent and scalability.

When you see an item at a lower price that what it's valued at (when mentioned), that's where scalability comes into play. The ability to scale a product or service basically means that I am willing to put in a lot of work upfront, in order to be able to sell it consistently (with an approachable price) thereafter. Just like selling a book, it take tons of hours to develop — but once it's done, the profits can roll in as often as someone is willing to buy.

I apply this scalability pricing method to multiple services, including the DIY Success Package.

Real Estate Blogs & Content Marketing Services

View pricing here.

Blogs can require a ton of upfront work to develop. I mean, you're given a blank slate and told to write 1,000 words based on any given topic — it's not easy, but can be a very effective SEO tool when done right.

Sure, you can hire a cheap freelancer to write blogs for you, but I can almost guarantee it'll be difficult to find a cheap writer with expertise in SEO writing and understands readability tactics for improved readership.

You also have to keep in mind, some blogs are designed with a different strategy in mind.

  • Educational blogs meant to inform

  • Sales blogs meant to drive conversions

  • Lifestyle blogs meant to entertain and inspire

  • SEO blogs meant to boost SERP rankings

  • and more.

Again, you can easily find a cheap blog freelancer just to get blogs on your site for the heck of blogging — but if you want your blogs to make an impact on your online rankings and presence, then you need to hire a professional.

Plus, in case you didn't know, top ranking blogs have at least 1,000 words — that's why you need someone who can effectively write that much and it sound good, too.

Real Estate Emails & Email Marketing Services

View pricing here.

NO ONE likes salesy emails, unless it's a discount or offer from one of their favorite retail brands. That's why I mainly only offer real estate email newsletters (not spam).

Believe it or not, email marketing is actually a very effective tool for real estate agents to sell listings.

Your email list likely consists of people you know, past and current clients, and other connections — so whether or not they're currently looking to buy or sell, they might know someone who is. And since they already know and trust you, they'll continue to be your biggest referral sources. You just have to remind them about what you have to offer so they know to refer. If you don't ask, they won't do.

The initial email newsletter design template is not included — because once that hard work is done, you have the freedom to update it on your own terms to send out without paying a monthly service. But I do offer monthly email newsletter services where I will work creating effective content within the email template, manage the audience, and report monthly on performance.

Email newsletters are NOT blogs. It makes me cringe when I see that from even big real estate "marketers" like Tom Ferry. His email newsletters are a sea of words that it's overwhelming when I simply open the email.

That is not what I do — newsletters are bite-sized information meant to tease and/or spark interest from the reader that will make them want to click on the link and drive traffic to your website to learn more. You want it to be simple and always provide value so readers feel like they have a reason to read through it, and not just click delete or even "spam" when your email comes to their inbox.

It's important to hire a professional because not only do we understand email marketing best practices, but we also know tactics that help your email not go spam (whether automatically or done by recipients).

Real Estate SEO Services

View pricing here.

SEO is a long-term strategy — a marathon, not a sprint. But this is one of the ONLY services I provide that you're actually getting that major steal when it comes to SEO services.

Most agencies charge a minimum of $1,000 for monthly SEO services. And while I totally understand why they charge this price, I wanted to make sure I provided some main essentials to boosting rankings with an approachable monthly cost for realtors.

Those main essentials are included in the packages. But other highly effective services, such as link building services (one of Google's key items when looking at websites to rank), are huge projects to undertake as an agency. That's why it's an add-on service.

The main thing I will be helping you with is getting your website up to speed on SEO best practices. With a ridiculously good rate offered, you can get at least something going for your SEO strategy knowing that it could take many months to see results. And while you're slowly but surely improving your SEO, you will eventually beat out the competitors online if you commit to sticking with it over time.

It's like fitness — you may be a slow jogger, but you're lapping everyone on the couch.

Real Estate Ads & PPC Services

View pricing here.

Real estate ads can be a very effective tool when you need to meet a goal quickly. PPC ads (Pay Per Click) are designed to reach the right audience at the right time.

When it comes to real estate advertising, Google ads are my favorite to recommend to clients based on a campaign that needs quick results, not just awareness. Social media ads are best for awareness. However both can be used for both purposes, as long as you have the budget to make it effective.

Doing an effective PPC ad is more than just words, an image, and choosing an audience to show it to. There's a crazy amount of strategy and it can be ridiculously complex that even "ad experts" don't know all the answers. Call their bluff if they try to tell you otherwise.

There is NO silver bullet when it comes to ensuring an effective ad campaign, but professionals know all the best practices and things to do to make the outcome the best it could be. There is no guarantee of a single person converting on any campaign, but we know how to put the best foot forward to test out tactics and find what works best over time.

My PPC services are also ridiculously lower than traditional agency costs for the same reason as I mentioned in SEO services.

Most agencies charge a minimum of $1,000 for monthly SEO services (not including any ad spend you budget for). And while I totally understand why they charge this price, I wanted to make sure I provided some main essentials to creating effective ads with an approachable monthly cost for realtors.

Because remember, ad spend is not included — I'd rather you have a bigger ad spend budget to help with the effectiveness of your campaign than to spend it all on someone to manage it for you.

Real Estate Marketing Consulting Services

View pricing here.

Consulting can a tough sale — it's hard to sell a service that people aren't provided with a tangible outcome, like a social media post.

Many don't understand the value in having a professional walk alongside them to brainstorm, strategize, plan, organize, and create processes for action. But those who do, they reap the benefits tenfold.

Especially for new and first-time business owners, sometimes you need less actual services (i.e. social media posting) and more of a strategic coach to help you effectively do those things (i.e. creating a social media strategy and plan).

Consulting is a great service for real estate agents looking to get started with their business, getting started on social media, rebranding, or even looking for a whole new approach to grow their business.

Real estate marketing consulting services are charged on an hourly basis. Approximate quotes will be given based on the needs of the client.

Got more questions? If that wasn't enough explaining, just let me know or comment below. I'm an open book.

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