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Are Real Estate Facebook Ads (& PPC) Effective?

Do you need real estate ads?

There's one thing you need to ask yourself before you determine if this is the right marketing strategy to pursue: the urgency of your sale.

If you need to sell your property as quickly as possible, or want as many leads and offers as possible for maximum profit, PPC ads just might be for you.

Google ads are a great way to reach the right prospective clients and buyers at the right time. When they search for a home to buy or a realtor who can help them sell their home, your name and website will be one of the first to appear on Google search results as an ad space.

Real estate Facebook ads (along with other social media ads) are a great way to reach people based on a specific location or demographic you might be targeting. It also gives people a chance to learn about you on your Facebook page and choose to follow you, engage with your content, and see the reviews that prove your credibility as a professional agent.

But realtor ads on Facebook aren't as easy to effectively implement as one might thing. There's a LOT of strategy, research, monitoring and other factors involved with making your ad successful.

Need help with your real estate ads? Contact The Digital Perch today.

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